Post Covid-19 Era – Part 3

Part 3- Through my Eyes

“We are not all in the same Boat, but we are all under the same Storm”.

Now in these unpredictable and unforeseen difficult circumstances, Time is only thing we have to best deal with. It is becoming our new normal way of life. This can also be a wonderful time for most of us, as it means everybody we are living the life of an Artist, which is essentially making up our day as new normal the way we want to live. So let’s use this time to do the things we always promised ourselves to do.

Purity of soul by Writing, Painting, Reading, listening music, good food for Strengthen your body, build immunity and so on….. Start loving yourself in whatever situation you are in…Respect and be honest to yourself…respect your body, your relations, value what you have and Smile with gratitude. We might never have this much time available to us again.

From the artist perspective, the Covid-19 outbreak has seen sweeping changes across the art world as Museums and Galleries have been forced to close their doors for all and the cultural calendar for the events are just on talks to decide for future dates. We know everyone is trying to contribute something in this situation to their best. As an Artist our responsibilities are wider and bigger. What do we care about? What do we value? What do we love? We all should fill the Spectral colors in everyone’s lives. Never wish anyone with Pain..wish everyone to Heal.
Realizing, adopting, accepting and living in the changing scenario is a wise move. It is the more realistic way of survival. Yes, it definitely comes with its own set of challenges and boundaries, but be assured it is for the good of all of us in the long run. The weaving of God’s plan is about to complete and then we can see the complete thing in a new world with new chapters.

We don’t know how long the current situation will last, but I am sure Mother Nature will again bless on us with abundant growth, love, beauty and success for everyone.

The reduced noise in us will hymn rhythmic the Music again.

To be continued………

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