My Time My Way

Social distancing and staying at home can be boring and sometimes stressful for people. People cannot avoid being isolated but they definitely can avoid being stressed. Creative people may be able to have enough time to first have some novel ideas during a novel situation and to materialize their ideas into some kind of art works. 

Rashmi Agarwal, an Indian expatriate, is a long-time resident of Qatar. She is well-known in the art circles and artist communities in Doha. An art entrepreneur, artist and designer herself, Rashmi has been using her time at home in her own creative way. She also has some pieces of advice for other artists on how to spend quality time at home. Founder and president of the MAPS International WLL., Rashmi is a board member of Silk Painters International- SPIN, USA. She is also national chairperson of Qatar for Anti-Corruption Foundation of India and International Director at Human Rights International Federation of India. She carries professional degree in law and finance.

The artist believes that the times may appear to be a test but it could also be used in some positive ways and productivity. “People are living at home not by choice. They however have no other choice. We have to stay at home to ward off the corona-virus. We face both health and economic crises. The situation definitely stresses our minds but all is not lost. What have come will definitely go away and now is the moment to decide whether we own these times, or we disown these times. Creating, learning, and growing artistically, Rashmi has kept the joy alive and it is her passion to bring healing, joy and beauty to others.

The artist believes that the times may appear to be a test but it could also be used in some positive ways and productivity. “People are living at home not by choice. They however have no other choice. We have to stay at home to ward off the corona-virus. We face both health and economic crises. The situation definitely stresses our minds but all is not lost. What have come will definitely go away and now is the moment to decide whether we own these times, or we disown these times. Creating, learning, and growing artistically, Rashmi has kept the joy alive and it is her passion to bring healing, joy and beauty to others.

“I have developed my own way of living during these days. I call it ‘My Time, My Way’. We need to look at the silver lining in the darkness. With all the extra time in our hands, we must go back to the things that make us happy.  A crisis has now forced everyone to remain indoors and self-quarantine is not easy. Let this be our responsibility to stay at home and do all the things we always wanted to do but simply didn’t have the time to get around. Nowadays, I have started my new painting after long time. I have also started arranging my albums besides taking care of my beautiful indoor plants – another passion of mine. It was like a meditation and stress relief overall. I am not at all pressuring myself.”

The art collector, who also organizes art festivals in Qatar, believes there is a healing power in art. “Art itself is a healing force. Art is an ultimate form of meditation. It can work as a medicine. It can be an important tool in mental health treatment. Art is no doubt a therapy and it can de-stress you during the pandemic and resultant social isolation. My experience tells me that if you are an artist or creative individual, you will feel less stressed and have medium to de-stress yourself. “Some researchers say that you do not need to be an artist to benefit from art therapy. Simply being in close proximity to art and being involved in any creative activities – drawing, coloring or painting – will have better results. It can keep people motivated and stress free.”

Rashmi asks people to use their hand in creating something. “Use your imagination. Try to have an idea in your mind and work on it. Then start putting the idea on a canvass. I think we need to explore an artist hiding inside us. Putting your inner thoughts on canvass or a piece of paper will have healing effects. We do not always need to have viewers appreciating our creative works. Primarily, we create for ourselves. We explore our emotions. It develops self-awareness and boosts self-esteem. People have been using art for thousands of years to communicate themselves. There are other medical benefits of art as proved by different researches.” The artists sees the these testing times as an opportunity. “The social distancing phenomenon is going to end soon. If we are able created something artistic during this time – expressing our fears, anxiety or our expenses – we will have look at it later and remember the challenging time with some sweet memories.”

Post Covid-19 Era – Part 3

Part 3- Through my Eyes

“We are not all in the same Boat, but we are all under the same Storm”.

Now in these unpredictable and unforeseen difficult circumstances, Time is only thing we have to best deal with. It is becoming our new normal way of life. This can also be a wonderful time for most of us, as it means everybody we are living the life of an Artist, which is essentially making up our day as new normal the way we want to live. So let’s use this time to do the things we always promised ourselves to do.

Purity of soul by Writing, Painting, Reading, listening music, good food for Strengthen your body, build immunity and so on….. Start loving yourself in whatever situation you are in…Respect and be honest to yourself…respect your body, your relations, value what you have and Smile with gratitude. We might never have this much time available to us again.

From the artist perspective, the Covid-19 outbreak has seen sweeping changes across the art world as Museums and Galleries have been forced to close their doors for all and the cultural calendar for the events are just on talks to decide for future dates. We know everyone is trying to contribute something in this situation to their best. As an Artist our responsibilities are wider and bigger. What do we care about? What do we value? What do we love? We all should fill the Spectral colors in everyone’s lives. Never wish anyone with Pain..wish everyone to Heal.
Realizing, adopting, accepting and living in the changing scenario is a wise move. It is the more realistic way of survival. Yes, it definitely comes with its own set of challenges and boundaries, but be assured it is for the good of all of us in the long run. The weaving of God’s plan is about to complete and then we can see the complete thing in a new world with new chapters.

We don’t know how long the current situation will last, but I am sure Mother Nature will again bless on us with abundant growth, love, beauty and success for everyone.

The reduced noise in us will hymn rhythmic the Music again.

To be continued………

Post Covid 19 Era – Part 2

Part 2- Through my Eyes

“We won’t be immediately back to where we were. There will be a Process…”

These are the tough and challenging times……and of course somehow a Blessings too!!!

In the elaborate process of churning the ocean of milk, Poison of evil comes before the Nectar of immortality… accepting both the good and the bad in our lives at the same time, is not easy for all. But this Nectar of Immortality will be the survival instinct for the human kind.

The catalyst effect of the corona virus has shaken and devastating economies, businesses and crippling economic growth. The worst is- with a loss of business, there will be a huge loss of consumer confidence…It is the largest global lock down ever in human history, with more than a third of the world’s population at the time being placed on lock down. Sitting at home, we are seeing this huge world through our small smartphones.

But what about Global recession?????? Will it happen? Then WHAT?? Unfortunately, a global economic recession seems highly likely – Finance can cure finance. Finance cannot cure the biological problem.

The Sun will rise again tomorrow but do we know for sure that our ability to survive will still be available to us tomorrow morning? Everything changes…especially when we are forced to do things differently, new habits begin to form a new world. In other words, Secularism which inspires the culture within the human race, the philosophical thoughts of World – will never be the same again.

It’s truly said by Lemony Snicket- Sometimes something might seem like bad news, but it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise…WE are in the hands of God. There will be a new dawn and better tomorrow for all.
Stay Blessed !!!

To be continued…………………!

Post Covid 19 Era – Part 1

Part 1- Through my Eyes

When this is over, not everything will go back to normal…. The lock down opening will be incremental.!!!!

I know it’s the thought on everyone’s mind, it will definitely have a big impact on everyone’s life and on our economy & businesses too. The Covid-19 has transformed the whole World in just few months. There is no inhabited part of the Earth which is escaping the infection. Of course this year will be gone sooner than we think and it will be impossible to change the clock. But the memory of this isolation time will serve as a powerful reminder to all of us in different prospect teaching of what we’re capable of and how far we can push things. The corporate should prepare well in advance for when the lock down will be lifted in the country. Resources were in abundance for humans to dwell there in- to conserve and reserve for generations to come. We now live everyday thinking of the next line of action to follow. We are now no longer on the same tune…same rhythm with each one.

oh! it’s a disaster.

I think now it is time we must mold our self. Amend the human constitution…. the life style….an attitude towards everything. Isn’t it?? Over the coming decades we will be bound to move a series of changes to our own attitude and behavior, initiated with the tools of Science and Art guided by creative, critical and bio techno thinking respectively. Rather than seeking a World of final perfection, we will continue to pursue new forms of excellence according to our own culture, ethics,values, and as technology allows. We should start formatting our past Now with a fresh start.

Am i talking about A new Planning!! Yes…..Since none of us knows what the future holds, the idea of new beginnings can feel terrifying at times. However, if we focus on that which is optimistic and encouraging, starting afresh can be an exciting time. Together we need to repair…Restructure and build the world…their pain… dreams and their Lives.
Dreams are renewable, they are waiting to be reborn !!

To be continued…………….

Healing Through Art

Art is a science. All kinds of art have a radiant tool to heal body, soul, mind and emotions. Art can be anything that a person creates, in the form with paint, words, song, dance, music etc. I believe art has a natural healing component of its own. The deed of creating art can be the source of relaxation, a therapeutic relief, a meditational peace or just a pleasant diversion.

Art therapy can also help people with their social endurance. The benefits of art therapy in these types of situations can be with the people who spend more time in solitary or are shy, or who, for some reason or another, have difficulty with functioning within the social circle. Principally, art therapy can improve the lives of people by helping them to improve their mental, emotional, and even physical states. It nurtures them with stability and consistency. It allows them to travel beyond the horizon to the boundless journey towards the earth, water and air. It raises the quality of life for people.

Art therapy is making use of art for healing within a professional relationship, by people who experience illness, distress or challenges in living. Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others cope with symptoms, stress and traumatic experiences; enhance intellectual abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of art making. Art therapists work with people of all ages: individuals, couples, families, groups and communities. Visual art, music and dance are important expressions for this variety of therapy. Visual art therapy can be a mixture of drawing, coloring, painting, sculpting and pretty much everything else you can think of that is artistic. Music therapy can be a mix of playing instruments, listening to music, and singing. Dance therapy utilizes dance and movement. These things people love to do as hobbies, so why not use it to better YOU and show yourself some love?

Few years back, I still remember, when I was ill and on complete bed rest, my life shattered and changed and little hope for recovery. I was trying to find something outside myself to ease my pain. It was a deep turning point in my life. Then I realized that I have my own dream and a clear vision towards art. Then, there was a miracle. One day, one beautiful morning my family took me to my studio and gave me a brush to make art. It was a ray of hope— something that awakened me. It energized me so much that I felt alive again. I started painting every day slowly and steadily. Then the day came when my doctor told me that I can start my work again with an unbelievable experience of healing through art.

My life was on a spiritual path through art to fill a destiny that was unfolding. I began to realize that I was painting each pages of my life. The science of healing through art is a growing field that is being more widely accepted, so it is also an opportunity as a career field! Be energetic, be creative, and be expressive and give art therapy a beautiful try.

It’s a direct miracle from God. Accept and stay blessed always